Monday, September 26, 2011

18 Weeks

Eleanor is 18 weeks old!

I delayed this post because she had her four month check up today. She is 15 lbs 03 oz and 24.5 inches long. Her size is average according to the curve, but she gained four pounds since her two month visit. She has now doubled her birth weight and grown 5 inches.

This past week she learned how to…

  • Jump in her jumperoo (it’s a big hit, what fun!)
  • Reach for an object with both hands (yay coordination!)

  • Grab her toes and pull her socks off (utoh…)
  • Cry when she sees something she wants that she can’t have (mostly her bath sponge)
  • Be distracted from fussing by toys (very helpful during diaper changes, which she hates)
  • Like daddy again (so glad that was a super short phase!)

Her motor skills are developing at lightening speed. I watch her use her hands so deliberately and jump around so gleefully and I can hardly believe this active baby is the same one as that sleepy newborn who used to be content to spend entire days cuddled up in the Moby against my chest. I swear she’ll be talking and walking before I know it.

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