Wednesday, April 27, 2011

37 Weeks

37 weeks today! We have achieved full term status, and Eleanor is welcome to join us whenever she would like. There are still 21 days left until our estimated due date, but that date is starting to seem all the more pointless and arbitrary. It could be 21 days, it could be 5, it could be 30. Of course we're hoping for sooner rather than later. Let the official waiting game begin.

I finally was able to go to the salon for a new haircut. It had been far too long. I actually hadn't had it attended to since the beginning of last August! Not much of a change, but it's easy to deal with and seems like a pretty good "Mom Do" to me. Plus, it distracts me from my new stretch marks. I swear I find a new one every time I look in the mirror. I guess it means our girl is growing!

We also got a new MacBook this week, which is a fresh clean slate to fill with photos and videos of the baby. I certainly will be glad to be done taking pictures of myself. I'll have a much cuter subject. By the way, my plan for this blog when the baby is born is to try to post one photo a day so that our friends and family in Phoenix can watch Eleanor grow. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up with it, but I'll do my best.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

36 Weeks

36 weeks today! 28 days until the due date and one week until the baby is full term. Getting closer...

Nothing much to report this week. We're all doing well and just waiting at this point. We finished our birth classes last weekend. This weekend we are doing a breastfeeding class and a final meeting with our doula. I've been taking it really easy and getting a lot of rest.

Since I don't have anything worthwhile to write about, I'll post this video I took a few weeks ago of Eleanor moving around. If you watch it in full screen mode you can see that she is hiccuping the entire time. The other movements are dramatic enough that you could see them from a mile away. I'm really going to miss seeing and feeling her move in my tummy when I am no longer pregnant.

Eleanor Moving from Callai Nagle on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

35 Weeks

35 weeks today! 35 days until our due date, and only two weeks until our baby is full term. It’s so crazy to think that she could be here in just a few weeks.

We will likely still have to wait over a month, but our home is totally baby ready now. The nursery is complete, the changing table is stocked, the dresser is full of clothes, the closet is organized, the bassinet is set up in our bedroom, the bath stuff is waiting on the new shelf we hung in the bathroom, and the bottles are sterilized and in their own cabinet in the kitchen. It totally looks like a baby lives here and it feels so good.

Here are some photos of the nursery. It’s finished for the most part. I might still add a few small touches here and there (a mobile, a small wall bin for books), but I’m satisfied with the way it looks now. The room is very small, so my strategy was to use few but brightly colored modern decorative items to maintain a sense of openness despite the fact that we’re really squeezing a lot of furniture into a tiny space. I didn’t stick with the exact color palette I originally had planned on, but I like all of the cheery colors and the way it lets me mix and match. Also because the room is so small, it is very difficult to photograph, so these aren’t the best pictures, but it will at least give you an idea of what the room looks and feels like. Thank you so much to everyone who helped contribute to the decor!

Oh, just in case anyone was wondering, Andrew is going to be the best daddy ever. Want some proof? Last weekend we picked up that cute pink flower wall lamp at Ikea. I was so excited to set it up. I really felt like it would be the finishing touch to the nursery. Before we put it on the wall, we put in a bulb to test it. It didn't turn on. We tried another bulb. That one didn't turn on either. We checked the bulbs in another lamp and both were working. We tried plugging the flower lamp in a different outlet. Nothing was working and it was becoming obvious that there was something wrong with the wiring. I was really upset and convinced that it was totally broken. In order to keep his emotional pregnant wife from breaking down in tears, Andrew took apart the lamp to see if he could figure out what was wrong with it. He found a loose wire that he was able to connect, put the entire thing back together, and had it working in a matter of minutes. Our hero!

I've started washing loads of baby laundry. We bought a washing machine that is slightly smaller than a regular one and hooks up to our kitchen sink. I absolutely love it. There is a washer and dryer in our building, but it costs $2.50 per load to use which really starts to add up, especially when you account for the additional laundry a new baby (and especially a cloth diapered one) requires. I haven't had a washing machine of my own since I lived with my parents and I'm really loving the convenience of it. We didn't get a dryer so I'm trying out air drying. It takes a while to accomplish since the air here isn't as dry as in Phoenix, but I think the money saved will make it worthwhile. Plus, look how cute a load of baby laundry looks drying in the California sun:

Just a few more loads to go and all of her clothes and blankets will be fresh and clean for her arrival.

Alright Little E, we're ready when you are!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

34 Weeks

34 weeks today! 42 days until our due date and only 21 until we reach full term status.

Yesterday I was looking at my little Lilypie tracker on the top right of my page and I realized that the little baby is almost to the nest! That made me ridiculously happy. I can’t wait for our real baby to arrive at our real nest.

I was thinking earlier this week about the fact that my due date was pushed back a little over a week early in the pregnancy. If we were going by the date of my last period, my due date would actually be May 8th. At subsequent ultrasounds she consistently measured about a week ahead of the adjusted May 18th due date. It got me wondering if the date based on my last period may actually be more accurate. Of course there is no way of telling, and I’m glad to have those extra 10 days before being considered overdue and the word “induction” is brought up, but it will probably be a good idea to prepare ourselves for an early baby. Just in case. I promise I’m not getting my hopes up. I should add that I haven’t experienced any labor indicators yet. She hasn’t dropped and I haven’t had so much as a braxton hicks contraction.

We are so close to being ready. I've got packages galore arriving this week. On Sunday we are making huge Ikea & Target trips to stock up on baby supplies (diapers, wipes, shampoo, etc.) and organizational odds and ends. It had been out of stock for a while, but I was finally able to order our bassinet yesterday. So all in all, I think we will be equipped with all of the necessary baby items and a baby ready home by the end of next week. She can go ahead and come as early as she wants.

Our cat, Bastet, remains completely unaware of the changes in store for her. In fact, she seems to think that most of the new baby gear is actually for her. When our car seat first arrived she concluded that we purchased her a new kitty bed and proceeded to bliss out in the chair all day. I didn't have the heart to kick her out of it.

She also thinks that my belly, the current home of her future BFF/tormentor, is actually a custom kitty perch that I grew just for her and spends most of her day trying to get up on top of it and sprawl out.

Poor kitty. She's in for a rude awakening.