Saturday, September 10, 2011

16 Weeks

Eleanor is 16 weeks old!

This past week she learned to love the stroller. All it took was the removal of the bassinet. My girl wanted to sit up! It came as no surprise, since she has preferred an upright posture since she was only a few weeks old. Although I would have liked to keep using the bassinet seat longer, since it allows me to see her face, I decided to try taking it off. I was really ready to start doing a little exercise, and she would cry and cry the minute I put her in the stroller. The first trip with her sitting forward facing in the big seat went pretty well. She fussed a little but seemed comforted when I would stop and make eye contact with her. She just wanted to know I was still there. After that trip she figured it all out and has absolutely loved getting to look around at the world while we stroll. We’ve gone for hour long walks every day this week. Taking walks has even become a new way to calm a cranky Eleanor.

Next week is going to be…interesting. Andrew has to take a business trip. He is leaving early Sunday morning and won’t be back until Wednesday night. That’s four whole days with just me and the baby. Wish me luck!

Here is a video of our sweet girl laughing:

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