Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Win's First 3 Weeks

Win is 3 weeks old today, and he is already growing out of his newborn sized clothes and on into the 0-3 month range. Last Friday he had a doctor's appointment and weighed in at 9 lbs 3 oz (up from his 7 lb 14 oz birth weight) and had gained an entire inch in length.

He has (so far) been the most mellow baby you could imagine. He hardly ever cries and very little bothers him. He loves having baths (which is good because he spits up a lot) and doesn't even mind having his diaper changed. He sleeps a ton, maybe even a bit more than your typical newborn. In his first two weeks of life I had to wake him up to eat. He would have slept for 4+ hour stretches day and night if I would have let him.

He is starting to have more awake time now. He has two long wakeful periods, one in the morning right when we get up that last for at least two hours, and one in the evening around 8:00 just before bed for at least an hour. He is still a calm, tranquil baby, even when he is awake, in contrast to his sister who at this age was only calm when she was sleeping. He is content to spend his wakeful time sitting in the bouncy seat or in the crook of my arm, watching Eleanor play. He is fitting in to the rhythm of our family so well.

He seems very close to smiling. He smiles a ton in his sleep and will give me these open mouthed almost-smiles when he is wide awake. He also laughs in his sleep, which is the sweetest thing to witness. And when I say laugh, I mean he full on chuckles, with a little giggle sounds and everything. We all can't wait for the real smiles to start.

1 Week Old:

2 Weeks Old:

3 Weeks Old:

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