Saturday, February 22, 2014

One Month

Yesterday Win turned one month old. That month felt like the shortest in my life. It really sped by. I know this little boy is going to grow up way too fast.

At one month old he is getting really good at holding up his head. If I hold him up on my shoulder he lifts it up and looks around for long stretches of time. He seems so strong and big all of a sudden. He is really starting to fill out and develop some lovely rolls on his thighs and nice plump cheeks.

He is still a very sleepy baby. He has a period in the morning from about 7:30 (or whenever big sister wakes us all up) until 10:30 where he is very alert, but other than that he still sleeps most of the day, and thankfully most of the night as well. When he is awake he is generally calm, but he is starting to prefer that I hold him or put him in a carrier rather than leave him in his bouncy seat.

He is starting to smile for us, which is so much fun, but since he is so sleepy the smiles are few and far between. If I'm lucky I'll get one or two out of him a day. It definitely makes life easier to have a baby who prefers to sleep the day away, but I'm looking forward to him perking up a bit so that we can all have a chance to interact with him on another (more wakeful) level.

We're going back to Phoenix the first week of March for a wedding and I'm looking forward to getting to introduce Win to his extended family. I'm really glad we have a chance to visit while he is still so young. See you soon!

And just for fun, here is a comparison of Eleanor and Win, both shots taken on their One Month Birthdays:

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  1. Oh my goodness is he cute! You sure do make beautiful babies Callai! I can't wait to cuddle him in March!