Friday, October 28, 2011

23 Weeks

Eleanor is 23 weeks old today!

This has been another major week. She is officially teething. Eleanor’s two bottom teeth broke through. Luckily she hasn’t seemed bothered by them at all. She hasn’t been cranky or out of sorts even in the least bit. I hope all of her other teeth come in as painlessly.

In addition to having teeth, she can now sit up unassisted. Of course it only lasts for about a minute at a time at the most, but she is starting to develop her sense of balance and can correct herself a little bit.

After hating tummy time with a passion for her entire life, she finally decided that it’s kind of fun after all. She is now able to push all the way up on her hands - the first step to crawling. She can also turn herself around and scoot backwards if she is on the hardwood floor. This means its time we buy some sort of play mat so that she can have the traction of a solid surface but also have a clean and padden area to play on.

She is growing and changing so fast.

So much teething related drool!

Still a happy girl!

Feeling her new teeth

There they are!

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