Saturday, June 25, 2011

5 Weeks

Eleanor is 5 weeks old as of yesterday. It’s been a difficult week, so I’m a little behind with my posting. She decided to stop sleeping for a few days. At first she was only sleeping in one hour increments, then only in 30-40 minute increments. Luckily last night she went back to being a decent sleeper and since Andrew was home from work I was able to sleep in this morning.

Eleanor is awake for large portions of the day now. She is a very particular little baby. She’ll be happy as long as you don’t break any of her rules, like holding her horizontally or putting her down in her stroller or making her wait more than three seconds for a meal.

She is full of smiles these days. Real smiles! The ones I observed last week were indeed the start of actual smiling. She is starting to enjoy some of her toys. Her favorite is a plush pink bird that makes a lovely chiming noise when rattled. She’ll stare and stare at it. She can follow objects for a long time with her eyes. She’s starting to drool a blow bubbles. She’s beginning to find her voice and make adorable coos and goos. She likes to “talk” with me and play patty cake.

Day 29:

Day 30:

Day 31:

Day 32:

Day 33:

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Day 35:

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