Wednesday, March 30, 2011

33 Weeks & the Baby Shower

33 weeks today! 49 days until our due date and only 28 until Eleanor is full term.

I had a prenatal appointment this morning. While I was back in Phoenix I was asked several times if there was any estimation on Eleanor's weight yet, so I made it a point to ask. My midwife said she seems to be right around 5 lbs. She is growing on schedule and is of average size.

I flew in from Phoenix yesterday evening. I was greeted with a jury summons in the mail for April 27th, when I will be 37 weeks along. Can you see a full term pregnant woman serving on a jury? Yeah, that's not going to happen.

I made it back to California with all of the presents from my shower, but I had to borrow an additional giant suitcase from my parents. Both of my bags were right at the 50 lb. mark! The shower was wonderful and I am so thankful for everyone who came and the generosity of our friends and family. I am especially grateful to my cousin Lindsay who did an absolutely amazing job planning, decorating, and hosting the shower. It was a beautiful night and will always stand out in my memory.

Here are a few of my favorite photos for the evening. More can be seen on my flickr page. A very big "Thank you!" is due to my sister Alexis who acted as my event photographer, and did a really great job.

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  1. eeeee!!! it is all so pretty--wish I could have been there!