Wednesday, March 23, 2011

32 Weeks

32 weeks today! 56 days left until our due date, and 35 until Eleanor is full term.

I had a very busy day yesterday. My friend Whitney and I went to San Francisco with many errands to run, which included picking up my electronic key for City CarShare (yay!), buying a few short sleeved maternity shirts, a rug for the nursery, and the cute little “e” from Anthropologie that I have had my eye on. Later Andrew and I took the City CarShare for a trip to Home Depot. I was totally exhausted. A day of shopping is much more difficult than it used to be. My joints hate me right now.

Some of you may have been wondering how Andrew and I plan on getting around town with a new baby and without a car. City CarShare is the solution. We really love not having a car and we don't mind walking, biking, and taking public transit, but there are some instances where having a car would be really useful. Big trips to Target or Costco, for example, or taking a newborn to a doctor's appointment. With the car share program we are able to reserve a car for a set amount of time, anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to an entire day. We pay by the hour, and the fee includes insurance coverage and gas. The cars are parked in "pods" with locations all over the Bay Area, the closest of which is only a few blocks from our house. It's a really neat system and perfect for people like us who don't want to own a car but would like access to one occasionally.

We are slowly but surely putting the nursery together. Late last week our glider arrived. We couldn't be happier with it. The rug is not the one I had originally picked out. I had wanted this one, which is the same idea but in a different color palette. I liked the more neutral tones, but when I saw it in person the colors were much more saturated, which made it look very harsh, particularly with the black stripes. Next to it on the rug rack was this much more cheerful looking rug that also happened to match the little “e” perfectly. With the fuchsia stripes it is definitely fitting for a little girl’s room. I’m trying to stay away from the pink, but I guess a few stripes here and there won’t hurt.

I realized that the Alice in Wonderland print would look great with the bright colors we are using for the nursery. Andrew and I bought it in Disneyland on our honeymoon. I hadn’t found a place for it in this apartment yet, and almost forgot it even existed until I found it in a closet last week. I think I’m going to hang it over the gray couch.

We also recently got a new coffee table. Our old one was rectangular with lots of sharp edges and the thought of my unborn baby falling and hitting her head on it was already making me nauseous. With this new one she could still give herself a nice clunk, but hopefully she won’t split her head open or gouge out an eye. Corners just seem so dangerous these days. Additionally, we felt that a round table would open up the space a bit more.

I'm getting ready this morning for my last pre-baby Phoenix trip. It's crazy to think that the next time I'm on an airplane I will have a baby in my arms. I'm looking forward to the baby shower on Friday and the chance to spend a little time with my family before life descends into the chaos of new motherhood.

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  1. Everything looks so great! I love the rug and the print. And that shirt.