Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Seven Months

Since writing the last monthly update, Win has started grown two more teeth, bringing his total up to three, the two bottom front teeth, and the top left front tooth, which is just barely poking through. He has fully mastered the art of sitting up unassisted, and loves to sit on our playmat at explore his (and Eleanor's) toys. 

Baby-led weaning has been going great. Win got the hang of things so quickly, and now he handles food with little difficulty and is always excited when meal time comes around. It’s fun watching his preferences develop. He is crazy about carbs. If there is bread or pasta on his tray, he is definitely going to go for that first, followed by red things, especially strawberries and watermelon. It’s always hard to tell how much food is actually being ingested with baby-led weaning, but I think he manages to eat almost half of whatever he is given, which is pretty incredible. He gets very upset if anyone eats around him without sharing, and you should hear how he screeches if he runs out of food on his tray! Recently he was eating some avocado, and he liked it so much that after he had eaten all of the wedge I had given him, he proceeded to bend down and lick the remaining avocado that had been smeared on his tray. He seriously loves food! And you can see it in those massive thighs! 

Win is the definition of a bouncing baby boy. He is so wiggly and active, it’s hard to keep a hold of him sometimes. He’s always babbling and flailing his limbs around and grabbing at absolutely everything. He loves to hang upside down and his always arching his back to flip himself over. He has started really babbling, adding lots of different tones and consonant sounds to his repertoire. The race is on to see if we can get him to say "Mama" or "Dada" first. Seriously, Win, who wakes up with you at night? It needs to be "Mama." 

Separation anxiety has officially set in, and Win usually gets instantly upset if he sees me move out of view. He has the most high pitched, hysterical, dramatic cry! You'd think the entire world was ending the way he hams it up when I put him down for a few seconds to run to the bathroom. This phase makes me very glad for quality baby carriers.

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