Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Three Months

I had such a hard time narrowing down photos for this month's update! Win is just so sweet and smiley and happy and when I look at him I feel like my heart is going to burst right out of my chest. I take photos of him every Tuesday (I try to keep to a schedule so that I don't forget), and I always end up with dozens that I love. I've been posting them to my Flickr (which has better upload quality than Facebook), so if you're like me and you just can't get enough of this darling boy's face, feel free to take a look. There are several photos of Eleanor and Win together as well. 

In the past month, Win has discovered his hands. I had forgotten how fascinating it can be to sit and watch a baby being a baby. It's amazing to watch him concentrate so intently on his hands, stare at them with complete focus, and bring them slowly to his mouth. He has started to soothe by sucking on his fingers and fist when he is sleepy, which makes me wonder if he will become a thumb sucker. He is working hard on learning to sit. If he is in a reclining position he always works his little abs and pulls himself upright. He can sit up now if he has some assistance from either pillows or my lap.

His personality is very calm and happy. It's easy to get him to smile and he is becoming very sociable. He loves to have one-on-one attention, to be able to lock eyes and babble with someone. He really likes diaper changes because it affords him the chance to have a conversation of “ah-goos” and “hoos.” I wear him in a carrier for a large portion of the day, but he gets into playful moods now where he wants to get out where he can see my face and interact with me. I love to hear his voice and watch his facial expressions. It makes me anxious for the day that he is able to actually talk. That will be so fun. But of course I’m in no rush for him to grow up. 

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