Friday, August 12, 2011

12 Weeks

Eleanor is 12 weeks old today, and just this morning she rolled from her tummy to her back for the first time! Her neck strength has really improved lately. I’m not a big stickler about tummy time, but I try to give her a chance to work on her strength for at least a few seconds every day, which means I put her on her tummy until she cries. I noticed yesterday that she was holding her head all the way up and supporting herself with her arms better than usual and for a longer period of time, then when I tried today to get a photo of her tummy time skills she rolled right over! We’re waiting to see if she’ll do it again after Daddy comes home tonight.

I think she is also starting to purposely grab onto things. She doesn’t really reach out directly for objects yet, but she seems to deliberately lift her arm up, then put it down, inching it closer to what she wants to get her little hands on until she has it in her grip.

She’s developing so fast these days. She’s figuring out so many new sounds, skills, and even moods. I can’t wait to see what each new day will bring.

Edit to add: She just for real laughed for the first time too! What a day!

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