Wednesday, February 9, 2011

26 Weeks & First Family Portrait

26 weeks today! 98 days to go - I’m so excited to be into the double digits. It feels like such a big accomplishment.

As of last week, the comments from random strangers have really started rolling in. I’m getting a lot of “How far along? Only 6 months?! You’re huge! Are you having twins?” types of remarks. I know I’m not small for 26 weeks, but I don’t think I’m that huge either. I might have to grunt a little bit when I bend down to pick something up off of the floor, but my belly is still small enough that I forget that it is there from time to time, especially when I’m sitting down. I think that most people who make such comments either have no idea what they are talking about, don’t realize that all pregnant women carry differently, or forget exactly how big they were when they were pregnant themselves. Either way, they don’t really bother me, but it just makes me wonder. Why say anything at all, if it isn’t something positive and encouraging?

Also in the last few weeks Eleanor’s movements have started to really change. Instead of swift kicks and twitches, I’m feel a lot more gentle movements, pressure from where her body is laying, stretching, and pushing. My placenta is right on the back, so I’m able to feel pretty much everything. I’m able to see pretty much everything too. Andrew got a huge kick out of laying in bed and watching my tummy bulge up and down the other night. These new sorts of movements are a lot more frequent than the previous kind and I’m really enjoying them. Constant little reminders that my baby girl in there and doing well.

On Sunday Andrew and I finally found the perfect chair for the nursery. It is modern looking and glides as well as swivels. It is made by the same store, EQ3, that we purchased our couch and armchair from. One of the reasons we love EQ3 is because of their fun upholstery options. We picked out a fabric for the chair that will compliment our living room set and will also look good in our bedroom, so it will definitely have a long life outside of the nursery. The fabric that we liked best, however, did not look good with the lavender palette I had been planning on, so I decided to completely redo everything.

The crib bedding that I love previously only came in two colors, purple and pink, but just in the last month Land of Nod started offering it in two additional colors, light blue and light green. I LOVE the light green, which is sort of a mixture between sage and chartreuse. It will look really cool with the upholstery we picked for the chair, which is a shade called "sour apple." For accent colors we are going to use bright blues, oranges, and reds. Here is my idea sheet for Nursery 2.0:

Also on Sunday we took our first family portrait. I had been wanting to do this since we got our new camera, but we never took the time. Since we were going out I decided to wear a new dress that I bought to wear to my friend Brianna's wedding in a few weeks. Andrew decided that since I looked nice, he would look nice too. I seized the opportunity and snapped this:

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  1. You look beautiful! I love the dress for the wedding! It's great to see the preview. :) You both look nice!

    See you in a few days!